Run by Ardweden
Mondays from 8:30 to 10:30 Central in #megaten and #megatenooc

1. Signing the Contract
2. The Haven and The Walrus
3. Child of the Woods
4. Mythological Taco Day
5. After School Special | Tyler's Determination
     1. Cat from a Hat
6. The Sandwich of Doom
7. Beware the Water
8. Ghost Town
9. Facing Yourself Down
10. Nevermore
     1. A Good Story
     2. A Difficult Visit
11. Girls: So Weird | Weirder Still
     1. The Gathering
12. Future Plans
     1. Hitting the Shelves
13. Potato Bomb
     1. The Blame Game
14. The Secret Life of Tyler Smith
15. Not Actually Javy's Nightmare | Just Say No
     1. Like or Like-Like?
16. Back to Where You Once Belonged
17. What is in a Name?
18. The Kids Aren't Alright
     1. One Mystery Solved
19. The Maiden
20. The Maiden, pt. 2 | Moving On
21. No Hookey Here | Matching Pieces
22. A New York State of Mind | Toci and Puck
23. Toci and Puck, pt. 2
24. A Fistful of Cheerios | Vivaldi Suffers
25. The Subtle Brick Technique | Tiffany the Drama Queen
26. Pizza and Girls and Boys, Oh My!
27. Carnival of the Apes
28. Carnival of the Apes, pt. 2
29. Under Imp's Nose
30. Tony's Pizzaria
31. On the Verge
32. Tony Gets Angry | Going Away
33. Eht Nevar Setacinummoc
     1. Thinking Out Loud
34. One Way or Another | Around the Square
35. A Forgotten Friend
36. Actions Speak Louder | Walrus Words
37. Keep Your Friends Close | And Enemies Farther
38. Daily Dose of Cruelty | Classic Avoidance
39. An Ungrateful Child | Javy's "Project" | Tyler and Tony Go For Tapas
40. Back to Normal?
41. Win by Loss | Choices | Villains
42. The Mother
43. You Don't Know Me | The Kinder Threat | Good Call
44. Something Happen? | The Devil You Know | Helping a Friend
45. Too Cool for Frisbee | Fuck Ups | Brothed!
46. One Last Chance
     1. Child of the Sky
     2. Friend Stuff (Or Something Like That)
     3. Problem Child
47. Dream Gods and Girls
     1. Don't Make Me Regret It
48. Remember the Raven?
     1. Javy Asks Tiffany
49. Bleeding Out of Control | The Alien Mystery Tourist
50. Institute of Lycanthropic Studies | Elevator Music | Bad Dreams
51. Close to Noon | Better Hurry | Maybe It's Mono | It's My Room, Mom!
52. Second Dinosaur to the Right, and Straight on 'Till Waterfall
53. One Lesson, Three Questions | The Chariot | Justice | Strength | The Sun | The Devil [Incomplete]
54. Truth in Tarot
55. The Search for Natalie Continues | Kali Skips Out
56. Friendliest of Fireflies | The Name Before A Name | Susano-O's Crossroads | The Whispering Spy
57. No Place for Elves | Out of the Woods
58. On Joan's Honor
59. Natalie Raynerson and the Scarlet Flame
60. Natalie Raynerson and the Scarlet Flame, pt. 2 | The Sorting Hat
61. Kind of Responsive | Lunch Plans | Fake Smiles | Such Bullshit
     1. Just a Friend Thing
62. Boy, That Escalated Quickly | It's Up to Javy Now
     1. A Practically Therapeutic Response
     2. The Promised Key
63. Return to Hogwarts
     1. I Won't Abandon You
64. Return to Hogwarts, pt. 2
65. An Orphaned Sister
66. An Orphaned Sister, pt. 2
67. An Orphaned Sister, pt. 3 | Kali's Bloodlust
     1. Who You Are
68. What the Hell, Tyler | My Weird is Cooler
     1. Share the Reins (and Ice Cream)
69. Cold War Negotiations
70. It's All On You
     1. The One Person Emotional Roller Coaster
     2. A Bad Idea
71. Gale Force Tyler | Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal
72. A Little Bit of Trust
     1. Under the Bridge
73. I Meant It | Damage Control | News at the China X-Press
     1. The Rest of the Story
     2. Abnormal People
74. Never Would Have Guessed | No Questions Asked

Characters and Players
Heather Kim | Scathach, played by Brett
Javier Mayberry | Susano-O, played by Capfox
Tiffany Olivier | Kali, played by Rowyn
Sydney Raynerson | Hien, played by Ciara
Tyler Smith | Imp, played by CCD

Hank Morris | Joan of Arc, played by Brett

Playlist (needs updating)

Opening (67+): Someday Believers, by Portugal. The Man.
Opening (1-66): Dream, by Godhead
Closing: (67+): Wolf Like Me, by TV on the Radio
Closing (1-66): Fireflies, by Owl City
Combat: Pull Me Under, by Dream Theater

Ashgate: Round Here, by Counting Crows
Dream Ashgate: Stray Birds, by Dark Globe

Javy: Francois Poulenc's Trio for Oboe, Bassoon & Piano Op. 43
Tiffany: X Amount of Words, by Blue October
Tyler: Inaction, by We Are Scientists
Sydney: Heartlines, by Florence and the Machine
Heather: Artificial Nocturne, by Metric
Hank (1): She Spider, by Mew
Hank (2): Hero, by Skillet

Joan of Arc: Sćglópur, by Sigur Ros

The Raven:
Trouble is a Friend, by Lenka
The Walrus: I am the Walrus, by The Beatles
Puck: Sheep Go To Heaven, by Cake

Steve: Tonight Tonight, by Hot Chelle Rae
Tony: Monster, by The Automatic Automatic
Christina: Let the Rain, by Sara Bareilles
Delilah: Hollaback Girl, by Gwen Stefani
Jason: Spark, by Thirteen Senses
Susanna: Suddenly I See, by KT Tunstall


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