Power Sliders


Power Sliders is a game set on present day earth where five of the best video game players in the world (that would be you players there) are at one of the biggest video competitions in the world and get sucked into a video game universe ala Captain N.

They then spend the game tracking down a big mysterious badguy through several different video game worlds picking up techniques, magic, and knowledge along the way.


These game worlds will not necessarily be from a specific video game but they will be a specific game series. For example the players probably won’t get sucked into specifically Resident Evil 4, but they may find themselves in the Resident Evil world at some point and someplace in its history. Or they may get sucked into a Persona world where they can be assured of some dark psuedo-religious plotline and acquire some personas (neither of these game worlds are guaranteed, by the way. Nothing is, as this is the furthest I’ve gotten in hard planning).


System: BESM 3rd Edition

CP at CharGen: 145


Attributes allowed at CharGen:

* Wealth and Organizational Ties are not necessarily banned for flavor or background purposes. They just have no mechanical benefit in the game and so aren’t worth charging CP for.



·         Achilles Heel

·         Blind Fury

·         Easily Distracted

·         Girl/Guy Magnet

·         Impaired Speech

·         Inept Attack

·         Inept Defense

·         Less Capable

·         Marked

·         Not So Tough

·         Phobia

·         Physical Impairment

·         Recurring Nightmares

·         Reduced Damage

·         Sensory Impairment

·         Special Requirement

·         Unappealing

·         Weak Point

* Other defects may be available upon GM permission. Please talk to me if you have an idea.



Use the skill costs under Multi-Genre.

Also each character starts with six ranks in the video gaming skill of their specific genre and with a specialty in their specialized series.

Such As:

Roleplaying Rob:

Video Gaming: RPG (Final Fantasy) – Rank 6

Note: Players can buy ranks in other genres at 2 CP/rank but can go no higher than rank 4.


The video gaming skill acts mostly as genre knowledge. In the aforementioned example if Roleplaying Rob found himself and his party in a Final Fantasy world and they needed an airship for some reason he may be able to make a role 2d6+7 (6 for the general genre of RPG and 1 for the Final Fantasy specialty)+Mind to know that they should probably track down some guy named Cid.


Sample Genre Specialties (and example series specialties):

·         FPS (Halo, Doom, Half-Life)

·         RPG (Suikoden, Dragon Quest, Elder Scrolls)

·         Fighting (Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat)

·         Action/Platformer (Devil May Cry, Prince of Persia, Castlevania)

·         3rd Person Shooter (Max Payne, Gears of War, Uncharted)

·         Stealth/Infiltration (Metal Gear Solid, Tenchu, Splinter Cell)

·         Survival Horror (Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame)

·         Beat’em Up/Hack’n’Slash (Dynasty Warriors, Streets of Rage, Diablo)

·         Racing (F-Zero, Burnout, Mario Kart)

·         Real Time Strategy (Warcraft, Age of Empires, Starcraft)

·         Shoot’em Up (Starfox, Contra, Touhou Project)

* Any game world that includes more than one genre will have all appropriate genres applicable for the roll


These are by no means the ONLY genres that are acceptable, but they are samples for a starting point. Also note that while picking a genre makes it likely that the genre will show up in the game; it is not guaranteed nor is the game series guaranteed (this includes the above examples). Also note that it must be a genre that there can be a competition for, since you start at a competition. If you have any questions about what a specific game would be categorized as, message me or E-mail me.


Character Building:

1.) All potential players PLEASE contact me through IRC (Nick: Dreol) about your ideas before you send me your sheet. (I may change my mind about this if I get too many submissions, but for now this is what I am requiring.)


2.) It is recommended but by no means required that players use the BESM 3rd recommendations for CP expenditures. I am also aware that 145 CP seems very low for what it seems like players will have to deal with later. Keep in mind that you are creating your core human character and that CP growth will be quite high to compensate for the amount of powers that you will be able to acquire later.


3.) Backgrounds are required. I realize it seems a bit odd considering that most of the game will take place outside of the world but I want to know where these characters are coming from so I know how to build a game around them. You are welcome to make backgrounds as detailed as you wish but what I really need is a focus on your personality and also for you to answer these questions:

a.)    When and why did your character start video gaming (This could be as simple as “Age 7 because his parents bought him a Nintendo for Christmas”)

b.) What drew him/her to his/her specialized genre

c.) Why does he/she prefer the specialized series

d.) Any major gaming achievements.

Background points will be awarded for background submissions.


Character Sheets Are Due June 7th, 2009. Please E-Mail them to TwistedRiddles@gmail.com.

Estimated Game Start Date: June 10th-17th (Day of the week will be worked out depending on players).