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This is the game wiki for Vampire: The Rosening.

Important Pages

Theme Songs
Experience Curve
House Rules

Player Characters

Ysabeau Bellamy
Eliana Casale
Cosimo Castelletti
Ian Hargrave
Moriel MacRae
Thalaba Malache
Varyn Schmied

Recently Completed

Recently Completed

3/14/14: Quite a few NPCs have been started, but not finished. There is now a WIP category where those things are listed.
3/11/14: Troile's page is completed
3/9/14: Jürgen's page is completed.
3/8/14: Matriarch Salianna's page is completed.
2/27/14: 56.1 posted, and 56.2 and 56.3 renamed. (Continuity nonsense, go!)
2/22/14: 61 posted.
2/20/14: Logs posted: 57-60, and all minis in between.

Current Projects

Dreol is working on NPC pages again. Jürgen's page has been started, but is still a WIP.

May and Ardweden are working on expanding soulsight to include more color/emotion variants. It will go under House Rules.

Dreol has started work on clan pages (or, at least, placeholders for NPC pages).

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